E. Central Florida Report by Fired Up Charters – April

April is already here. Where has the time gone and where were the March cobia? April is kind of that in between month from the cobia run and still waiting on the dolphin run. Usually the bait starts to show up a little better and water is warmed up a bit.  This month report is going to be a recap of the last few months. Kingfish and cobia. If you haven’t noticed the cobia run either swam past us during the 2 weeks of 25 knot plus winds or they just have not gotten here yet. The few days we went out the cobia were hungry! A bad cast didn’t matter, they heard it hit the water and attacked the jigs.  Still no big fish yet. Hopefully they will show up sooner than later.

If this April is as good as last years we will have a stellar month for the big kingfish. Here’s the trick, you must have live bait. Before you commit to a long run, weather you choose to run north 15-30 miles or south, spend the time to get the correct bait. Pogies have been in the port but scattered.  Your going to have to put your time in to get them. If not, stay home and save the gas.

Live bait is almost a must at times. Its not all the time that you need to have pogies.  You can use threadfins, mullet, blue runners, sardines, scallies, pin fish, etc  I usually don’t like to go fishing without some sort of live bait. Pogies usually show up in the port. Most of the time they will be on top flipping but you need to watch your machine. Wait till you mark them good then throw your net.  The better net to use is the custom nets from Tim Wade. There made for catching pogies and like everything else you get what you pay for. Once the water warms a little more you will find them on the beach. Look for the birds diving and that’s the best indication. They’re much easier to catch in the shallower water.

Mahi are starting to slowly show up, they’ve been deep lately and not many numbers. Usually once May comes around the numbers will start to improve.