East Central Florida Fishing Report – Port Canaveral

Fishing has been GREAT! Everything is showing up.

Pogies are now running the beach thick in the mornings. They are  from the
south jetty to just past the pier. From 5 feet to 20 feet of water. look
for the birds and you should do just fine. A few throws of your net and
your off. In the last few weeks I have fished from the Brevard reef to 8A and
everywhere in between.

8A seems to be the best bet. We have been getting our limit of kings almost
every day along with a stray cobia, sailfish, mahi and plenty of bonita. it
seems as though the morning bite is were its at. By 11/12 the bite has been
turned off. Get out early!

Weed lines from 160 feet and out have been holding mahi. we pulled live
bait and ballyhoo. both working well.

Jack fishing has been doing great too. Get on the cones or your normal
tanker/copper wrecks.

Cobia have been scattered along with the triple tail. One day has been good
the next slow. Be sure to have live bait ready if they don’t attack the
buck tail. I still yet to have a cobia this year turn a buck tail down.

Good luck and any questions or advise please call! Ill help anyway i can.

*Capt. Chris Cameron*
*Cell: 407-222-3573*