Fired Up Charters East Central Florida Fishing Report

Hope everyone is doing well and getting out there to fish a little. The flats have been awesome and producing many large size reds. Reports from the lagoon and river all seem to be the same. The fish are hungry and eating everything. Cut bait still produces the fatties. They have been eating topwater early in the day and gold spoons working well also. Trout action is great too. I fished the flats last week and had at least 20 trout. they were hitting basically everything I threw out there.

OFFSHORE> Good luck. The winds have been terrible. and the only day that was doable last week was terrible. from 120-800 feet and not a strike. Kingfish were no were to be found either. Hopefully the Kings show up real soon! If you want to catch and release a bunch of snapper work pelican and 8A.

NEARSHORE> This is the best bet right now!! Use finger mullet and work the schools of bait along the beach. We had non stop action the other day! We were catching Redfish to 30lbs, Bluefish, Jacks and ladyfish. We lost a few larger fish that we didnt get to see. There was so much action so definately give it a try. A few days before me a friend of mine had 25 flounder working the jetties.

Good luck with it!!!

Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573