Lucky Bear Fishing Charters Fishing Report

The troll is still tough for rainbow trout on Big Bear Lake, however, the good news
is with time and a variety of lures and bait you can find them and get them to bite.
 We spent 16 hours of the past week on the lake and found that quite a variety of
pink or purple or combination of pink/purple are working.  Lures of the week are
Purple Perch/Silver and Barney/Silver Little Warriors, Dark Purple Frog/Copper
Scorpian Stinger, Purple Hot Head Wee Dick Nite and Hot Pink Xrap all brought
multiple trout to the lines.  Spoons at 4.5 to 5 colors on the leaded lines and 6
and 23-27 feet on the down riggers.  The Xrap was flat lined and 1/2 dozen nice size
hold overs were caught on the surface.  We moved from one trout in an hour to THREE
per hour on the lines which is a big improvement from our first week out.  Guys and
gals get out your pink and purple lures and give them all a try!  Many other pink
and purple lures were hit we are only mentioning the hottest patterns.  All our fish
caught were on the east end near Lagunita Lodge on the weekend and then Grays
Landing and Trout Alley during the weekdays.  Last weeks hot spot near Papoose Bay
never produced a hit at all this week!  The quality of the trout is incredible. 
Good size and hard fighters at about 2-2.5 lbs so far.  Got to luv the rainbow trout
for making us use our brains and work to find them.  The scenery has been
spectacular and weather a little chilly.  Go to Big Bear Sporting Goods for
gear/tackle/bait.  Make sure to check out and try the Ballistic Bait and Little
Warriors they stocked this past week.  Pleasure Point Marina for pontoon/slip
rentals 909-866-2455, Capt John's Fawn Harbor for fishing boat rentals 909-866-6478
and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303.