Organized Chaos – East Central Florida Fishing Report


East Central Florida Fishing Report

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Out of port Canaveral the triple tail bite is on big time.  Check the buoys as usual but don’t forget to check everything else that is floating on top of the water.  These fish are being caught everywhere right now in almost all depths.  Live shrimp on jig heads are working best and the fish are in groups getting ready to spawn. Cobia are also being caught right now but are a little harder to find.  Look for them in the water temps between 68-74.
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Big red fish and black drum schools seem to plentiful this year so far in the Titusville area.  Best chances for these fish are early morning before the wind kicks up and makes it hard to find the schools or at night under bridge and dock lights when the wind is out of a southerly direction seems to be the best.   The shrimp are also running with this wind direction at the rail road bridge and oak hill.
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Caught some big black drum off the beaches of port Canaveral at the end of last month.
Captain Ryan.
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