Space Coast Redfish are on FIRE!

My favorite time!of year has come to Florida’s Space Coast! Cooler weather, light winds, and hungry fish! A 20+ fish day is not uncommon right now! For you artificial anglers, you couldn’t ask for better fishing. With the recent cooler water temperatures, I’ve switched from topwaters to jerk baits. Many portions of the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River has begun to clear up from the summer algae bloom that plagued the area with murky water. We can thank Hurricane Sandy for that! Look for the slot fish swimming in smaller schools in water less than 2′ of water. For the big redfish anglers, look for spawners to be swimming in water between 3-6′. Some of them will hit artificials but a good presentation with live bait will work much better.

Speaking of live bait, our waters have been taken over by the mullet! The fall mullet run is in full gear and with that look for predatorial fish to be lurking near by the massive schools of bait! Trout up to 10lbs are being taken on live finger mullet in deeper waters. Also when looking for redfish, don’t overlook the sandy potholes as I’m beginning to see big trout lurk over them waiting to ambush their next meal. Lets hope this continues through the entire winter!

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Capt. Tyler Vollmer