Reel Life Adventures Accomplishments

We here at Inshore Offshore feel compelled to give Reel Life Adventures all the exposure we can on a world level to help with future projects and bring to light the one’s they have already accomplished.

None of this would be possible without the selfless support of individuals and organizations within the sport fishing industry!  For that, we are extremely grateful and proud to represent the industry and in making a difference in the lives of orphans and impoverished families in areas surrounding some of the world’s most popular fishing destinations.

Projects Completed by RLA in 2011

·       Delivered boxes of donated medical supplies to assist impoverished families with healthcare needs in the Southern Baja.

·       Built an open-air structure called a “palapa” to be used for children’s classes and a shaded recreation area in a community outside Los Cabos, MX.  We also assisted locals in finishing a cistern to provide water for a local church and helped construct a concrete roof for the church building in order to provide more insulation from the heat along with the capacity to add a second story in the future.

·       Implemented our Adventure Trip curriculum designed to highlight a series of biblical life application principles, which greatly improve perspective and strengthen the participant’s commitment to their personal goals and life purpose.

·       Raised funds through a silent auction at Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, MX to purchase medical supplies necessary to conduct health fairs through Mexican Medical Ministries.

·       Helped to raise money for maintenance at Casa Hogar boys’ orphanage in Cabo San Lucas.

·       Organized a team of volunteers to travel to Peru and spend a week at The Puerto Alegria Boys’ Home. Located deep in the Amazon rainforest about an hour up the Itaya River from Iquitos, the orphanage houses around 40 boys between the ages of 5 and 16.

·       During the week, we were able to assist them by finishing out several thatched roof huts which provided additional housing.  Participants in Peru were also able to spend a good bit of time building meaningful relationships with the boys by swimming, hiking, fishing, and playing games.

·       Provided 10 rod and reel combos to The Puerto Alegria orphanage which were donated by Zebco and Vicious Fishing.

·       Provided the majority of building materials necessary for a new home for a family living in poverty in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.  The recipient family will work alongside the staff and volunteers of Impacto so that they are able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment.  They will also be empowered and able to learn various trades as well as organization and teamwork.  These skills may then be passed along to others in the community.

·       Partnered with Impacto in Guatemala to send two truckloads of food, water and emergency supplies to the village of El Morro where children are starving.  Continued involvement will take place within this community to build relationships, teach skills and trades so that the people are encouraged and empowered.

·       Provided 8 sewing machines, a new laptop computer, and misc. supplies to a program in Guatemala City formed to teach impoverished women to sew. These machines will be financed to the students through a “micro-finance” system so that they are able to purchase them and start a business to provide for their families.  This program will provide sustainable support for these families, and the funds received through the financing of the machines will be reused to purchase new machines for future students.

·       Led a team of volunteers to join “Conexion Extreme Service,” a mission organization based out of San Jose, Costa Rica, in delivering supplies to a nearby elementary school with very limited resources.

·       While in Costa Rica, also worked alongside locals to paint and make needed repairs to one of the school buildings.

·       Interacted with the school children and participated with the local staff in their work day.

·       Joined locals in repairing a washed out entrance to a family’s home in Tres Rios, Costa Rica

·       Also provided free medical care and supplies to children in Tres Rios.